He throws salt in my wounds
then denies they exist
Dissects my every word
with a flick of his
bitter wrists
And the crowd gathers around the ledge
to see if I jump,
to see where Iíll land
And I teeter and totter,
stumble about
My intentions
changing with the breeze
that bruises my cheek
The eclipse in my mind
has smothered me in black,
enveloped me in a
suffocating cloud
of misery

Misery loves company,
and it travels in packs,
seeking new gypsies
from those slipping
between the cracks
My rags have betrayed me,
bloody and torn,
I am easy prey here
for the vultures
The scent of hopelessness
tinged with despair
is their aphrodisiac
and my cancer

One step forward
two steps back
I flirt with disaster
for my balancing act
And they wait for my fall
They know it wonít be long
Iíll be singing it soon
My swan song.


Voices swirling in
my skull
pounding jackjammers
Body thrown to the
crumbling walls of my castle

Bloodstained claws
cling to my
bruised flesh,
blood seeping,
an oilslick,
emotions blending,
blue and grey

Push me down,
jaded and bitter
Watch me
break and shatter
echoing your laughter
Trample me,
set me free
from my
aching frame

Puppets surrounding me
the passionless path
as I cling to the
security of yesterday
as its grains
trickle through
my burnt fingers

Slamming my head
against the prison
Let me in
Or is it too late?
I need routine
chaos is poison,
water on my flame
Oh Gods

I cannot remember my name

The scenery fades to
the show is over
I can no longer
This is my life, and
with it
slinks my demise
Wish me well
I'll see you in hell

At the sound of the
mourning bell