"that's all there is; there ain't no more."

All done..... hopefully I've shattered your illusions about me as a dark person; and, me as a light person. I like to dig under rugs, poke and pull, tease out the facts and air them, their fragrances adrift in the open air. Tiptoeing, always, through life, peering at what lies beneath the calm we all present. We all possess a facade of our own device, designed to protect us, keep us safe, make us more loved. Here I've let my mask crumble; here, in the previous pages, you will find pieces of me, perhaps pieces of you too. I may not be obvious; it is, however, so hard to completely unearth precious secrets from beneath a carefully woven fabric. But it's there. And real.

Illusions shatter: illusions of security; illusions of faithfulness; illusions of sanity and maturity. These precious things.... sometimes, they break too easily. Other times, they are as impermeable to us as the earth's core: hidden, yet warm, and always influencing us.

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