When I am with my friends, I tend to be a little...... screwy.  So the next time, if you do encounter them, they say 'She's a little.... yeah.'?  You'll know why.

Picture this: Me and Sacha, who is sitting in on my class just so I won't murder the lousy prof.  Animal cognition course.  We're watching a video that is attempting to prove animals are smart.  Now, they are smart but the methodology is seriously flawed!  One experiment involved proving gorillas could count by showing that they would choose 3 apple chunks in one box over 2 in another.  Now to me, all this proves is the gorilla is fucking hungry and not stupid.

Sacha:  All that shows is they're greedy!  They took more food to be greedy!

Video:  Out of the 15 gorillas presented with this paradigm, 14 of the 15 chose the box with 3 apples --

Me:  And the other gorilla was anorexic.

*warning:  angel smoked a lot of crack before making these comments.  forgive her for being insane.


okay maybe it wasn't crack.  but it sure was a lot of sugar.

"It's making my head scared".

Me after watching the car commercial in the movie theatre where the image suddenly spins and the car is driving on the ceiling.

I am seriously disturbed by Boo.  Our dolly has a serious problem.  Every time she comes near me she says "Kitty!"  There is something disturbing in the fact that a small child is obessed with my cunt.  Jen insists I am trying to corrupt Boo.  I'm not!

She's already corrupt. 

I swear Disney meant her calling Sulley Kitty as a dirty joke.  I know it.  Disney movies are notorious for this sort of perversion.   Really!  Stop laughing!

My teeth and ambitions are bared.... and so is my body.  Mrrowr!
I have a secret that I simply cannot hide from the world anymore You see, Cows no longer say Moo.  When Mad Cow disease  broke out, cows realized that they would soon all be slaugtered whether ill or not on the basis of a witch hunt.  It was the frigging burning times for the animal kingdom!  So ome wise cows took it upon themselves to formulate a plan:  they would no longer moo, but rather, would OINK so that the farmers would not realize they were cows.

Hey the plan made sense to them.

But you see, there has been a disturbing consequence of this.  Pigs, having their OINK stolen from them without permission, began to moo.  There were no other sounds available that weren't in use.    So now, pigs moo and cows oink.  Except for flying cows, who can simply fly to escape slaughter. But that's another story

NippleclitNippleclit.  Say it loud and proud.  It's the In word.  Trust me. .
Frightened? You should be!