Or, These aren't mine but I like them so there

Jen was affected strongly by the tragedy last year, being an American from a nearby state.  She scribbled down a few thoughts a la prose....  And here they are, for you.  La.


September 11th

The sun has risen, bringing a bright day

Until the sky fell

Dark tears fall on the states

Young and old with grief  for lost kin

Nobody understands

Six months later

The pain and grief is still there;

With them  --   and me.

A Stream of Thoughts....

Sitting in my chair

Not completely comprehending

he speaks to me of this deed

Driving home with a sick feeling in my gut

Then bam! the television shows it all

The realness over and over

the pain, death, sadness

at first I do not freak -- I'm sort of disconnected

I start thinking, 'all these people:  down, dead"

so innocent

I start thinking, what if there is more?

The biggest was in NYC -- so close to me

I'm scared; I want to be with my baby

I see her online and tell her -- she freaks

I am not safe anymore

Nobody is safe anymore

I try to forget about it, relax myself

but it creeps up no matter how hard I try

I hurt for those people, for the families

Six months later, I have not forgotten


How could I? How could anyone?


These poems are by Sacha my best friend in the world.....  To gain more of a sense of what these awesome poems are about....  check the rest of the zine.


yes love, tell me once again how much you miss me at night
how much you can't wait to see me
how much fun we'll have when i get there

and precious, tell me once again how much i inspire you
how much happier you are now that we're together
how much you adore me to pieces

so sweetness, tell me once again how you've never felt like this before
how your outlook on life has changed
how wonderful life is now that i'm in the world

right honey, tell me once again how special i am
how i run through your mind all day long
how blessed you are with me in your life

i swallow you pretty little pills like a good girl
and believe once again in fantastic fairy tales
you read to me each night before bed

so you tell me all these things and make me believe in you
you tell me all these things but still flirt with queers behind my back
you tell me all these things but did you ever really believe in them yourself?

and then you tell me how you don't think things will work between us
you tell me that you figured yourself out
you tell me that you hope i understand

yes you tell me all this and expect me to be alright
you tell me all this and expect me not to be too too hurt
you tell me all this and expect me not to feel rejected

we were only together for a short time after all
and it wasnt that serious anyways
so i suppose
i have no reason to be angry...


fooled me once, but not again
filled my nights with endless wonder
wanting so much, maybe too much
only getting false hopes in return

it becomes all too clear now
you've been opened wide
and now i understand, oh yes
how things could change so quickly

thought i wouldn't find out
you can't be that dumb
you incriminated yourself
could you be more queer?

so nothing's wrong where you stand
it's alright to leave me here alone
and haunted by ghost promises
that still whisper in my ear

play your little games
take no responsibility
consequences are of no concern to you
i mean you are a princess, right?

two words for you
fuck you and just to clarify
no lover, that was not an invitation
so have some shame and get off your back