This piece is inspired by the heartlessness of people.  It's also a tribute to the irony of the player, the one who announces infidelity then is angered when called a cheat; one who proclaims to be pure then posts dirty laundry online.  Here are snippets of socks I have darned my own way.  Mostly it's for gag but do remember:  I actually know people who act and talk this way.  *shudder*
LimitedGirl: hey, sorry about last night
XXXXXXXXX: sorry why?
LimitedGirl:: i was so stoned last night that i stole your dog.  i can't help it.  it's like, i'm not a dog lover because i'm allergic to them, but i keep on taking them anyways and cuddling them.  they're my friends even if they don't like me. lol
XXXXXXXXX: it's ok  i'll come get him later when we toke up k?
LimitedGirl:: cool no prob.  heh feel asleep tanked with the dog on my tits.  lights, clothes on...contacts in, keys in my pocket...hehe woke up with a rash on my face
LimitedGirl:: do you know what/s terrible? I went to the coin machine to get dollars for my coins you know, cuz Im a litle short on money lately....just so I'd have enough to buy my drinks last night. i don't know where all my money is going maybe condoms.  gotta stop having so much sex.  it's just... i can't help it.  i mean they lay the game with me.  you know the game? and i just can't help it.  i've stopped labelling myself you know, because i'm not gay because i like boys.  and i'm not straight because i screw chicks.  but i don't like chicks for anything but sex.  so who knows?  all i know is my pet kitty loves me.  no not thatone lol.  perv.
XXXXXXXXX: *giggle*
XXXXXXXXX: "Hey Orchid!  Need some cash? heh"
LimitedGirl:: hahahahah i was just going to say that!

LimitedGirl:: some things maybe change faces but they never go away
LimitedGirl:: hehe
LimitedGirl:: but i have such a dilemma.  my damn allergies and all.   see i like sharpei puppies but they give me hives.  but i have one i just bought but i don't want it around all the time.  just when i'm bored hee hee

LimitedGirl:: did i show you those new pics my friend eddie and i took ?
LimitedGirl:: ok, thought so
LimitedGirl:: hehe
XXXXXXXXX: How was the sex, btw?
LimitedGirl:: oh, it was good!
LimitedGirl:: he's not totally gay, i know that
LimitedGirl:: heh
LimitedGirl:: i was getting him hard just begging him to buy me a beer.  was almost too easy but i said aww well.  he said he saw someone prettier but chse me.
LimitedGirl:: lol
LimitedGirl:: but you know, hey, it's me, can you blame him?
LimitedGirl:: *giggle*
XXXXXXXXX: absolutely not
XXXXXXXXX: get him stoned so he'll finger you
LimitedGirl:: he did
XXXXXXXXX: that was always fun
LimitedGirl:: lol
LimitedGirl:: but he was like...i'm sorry orchid, i just cant eat you out, you understand and i was like..yeah..i didn't expect you to go that far.  silly faggot dicks are for chicks tho right? lol.  jk.
LimitedGirl:: lol
XXXXXXXXX: is he big?
LimitedGirl::who the puppy or eddie?  i only know about the puppy ;)   jk!
LimitedGirl:: YES.  he's about 10 inches.  or maybe not.  i was stoned.  yum.  just the way i like em.
XXXXXXXXX: sounds like most of the times we've done shit together
LimitedGirl:: lol
LimitedGirl:: i miss those times
LimitedGirl:: lately more than ever
LimitedGirl:: it's like my youth, my carefree days...are slipping away.  i have all these people coming into my online journals, telling me i'm a doorknob because of all my flings with my boys.  i like my boys damn it.  what's wrong with affection right?  but i have to tone the partying down a little.
XXXXXXXXX: cuz now you know, we have responsibilites and consequences.  oh yeah my std test came up clean
LimitedGirl:: they were?  cool shit.
XXXXXXXXX: some guy tried to hit on me at the bar last night and i just shook my head at him.  he was wearing PRADA.
XXXXXXXXX: I mean, how rude is that!
XXXXXXXXX: and I didn't even care
LimitedGirl:: i know, some old guy tried hitting on me one night.: first on my friend, then on me, wanting us to dance
LimitedGirl:: i just gave him this "look" like...you? yeah right? and turned my head and wouldnt acknowledge him.  he wasn't my type.  too.......straight.

LimitedGirl:: my fave times are the ones where i get to play the Game.  the game where you both know you wantto play, but you dart about it.  flirting, touching....i kinda have that with a friend of mine, but we've both admitted we like each other
XXXXXXXXX: oooooh really? :-)
LimitedGirl:: its like a game right now, i can't stand it yet he plays it so i have to play back.  i can't resist.  is that a problem?  maybe i should check into nymphos annymous?
XXXXXXXXX: but you love it
XXXXXXXXX: and you know it
LimitedGirl:: we both get under each other's skin
XXXXXXXXX: :-)  or into it as the case may be
LimitedGirl:: but anyways, i need to get in the shower
XXXXXXXXX: go wash the coochie honey
LimitedGirl:: heheh will do!  last time i didn't i caught crabs.  damn nasty critters.  love ya byes!


I'm feeling dirty just reading this trash. Gimme more?