I am on the great pursuit of a job.  I am caught in a rather nasty limbo state:  you see, I am not technically done with my bachelor's degree because my thesis has been extended into the summer, meaning my final grade for my degree is yet to be registered.  But given my grades and given that the content-based courses of my degree are complete, I am as knowledgeable about psychology and crime & deviance as I ever will be.  I have adult expenses and no longer qualify for student loans, yet I am overqualified for crappy jobs at the mall.  They don't seem to be hiring my type I suppose.  And when I turn to the career centre listings at school, the jobs that would pay my expenses are asking for a completed bachelor's degree.

So here I remain, thrown between a world of undesirable jobs that seem to prefer teenagers, and a set of jobs that I am basically completely educated for yet cannot have because of a piece of paper.  The options are few but I am looking.  Hell half of he jobs on the student listings that don't require a degree have AN EVEN MORE ANNOYING RESTRICTION:  "student must be returning to full time studies in the fall".  First of all, what bearing does that have on a person's abilities to work as a fucking filing clerk, and second, why must I be caught up in restrictions right left and centre?  Are there no other students like me seeking jobs?  This cannot be so.  Or can it?

But such is the norm in the workforce.  Everybody wants experience from you, but won't hire you without a degree.  But if you cannot be hired without the degree, then how can you gain experience?

Circles and circles and circles again.........

Got to stop spinning

See what happens when you're smart?

I have decided that being smart gets you nowhere, because you are either overqualified for jobs or underqualified.  I have washed my hands of it.  I shall whore myself out or go live in Tibet where they have a religion where you are supposed to live poor, but the rest of the society is obligated to give you food and stuff.  Maybe if I'm lucky they will give me brownies and chicken and pasta.