So here we go on my favourite subject:  music.  I'm a confessed music and CD whore.  I've blown much needed grocery money on CD's.  Hee hee.  Here are a few artists that aren't as well known, but should be because I say so!!!!

Finger Eleven
Finger Eleven is a Canadian hard rock band, with the unique distinction in a world of Korn and Slipknot of not swearing in their music.  Hell, Scott, the lead singer, doesn't usually yell much save for emphasis.  He has real working vocal cords.  Amazing!  Formerly the Rainbow Butt Monkeys, they got their start by winning a band search contest for a local station in Toronto.  After their first release Letters From Chutney (which spawned the hit singles Circles, As Far As I Spit and Danananana), the band took a more mature direction musically (which wasn't hard given that the boys were 16-22 years of age at the time of recording).  The label, figuring that new was not acceptable for the mass marketing machine that prides itself on a lack of originality, ditched them and left them high and dry.  Luckily they toured their asses off with bands like Creed, who got them hooked up with their label Wind-Up.  Their first finger eleven disc was re-recorded and re-released, and slowly grew to be popular among certain hardcore groups of fans.  Always admired critically, they're often interviewed and profiled in top magazines, but the radio fucks them over.  They followed up their first release Tip with The Greyest of Blue Skies, experimenting with vocal layering and imaginative guitar.  Citing their influences as Alice in Chains, Tool and faith No More, the boys were thrilled to share a festival stage with A Perfect Circle and later, with Tool.  Maynard James Keenan of Tool, when asked about which bands were promising in the current music scene, named finger eleven among them.  High praise indeed for the boys who, on the day of the festival with Tool, were like "We're not even viewing this as a gig so much as we're excited to be going to a Tool show".   Their latest breakthrough:  Writing and performing the theme song for WWF wrestler Kayne.

Recommended downloads:  Quicksand, Tip, Awake and Dreaming, Above, Swallowtail, First Time, Sick of it all, Suffocate, Stay and Drown, Famous

Think of England
Recently, Pantene and Atlantic records sponsored the Pro-Voice competition, a means for female singer/songwriters and female fronted bands to showcase their abilities.  The first contest's grand prize:  a tour opening for the ultra-talented Poe, and a recording session for Atlantic Records.  The winners:  Think of England, fronted by Libbie Schrader.  Combining a gorgeous powerful voice, raw honest and catchy lyrics and great melodies that blend guitar drums and keyboards, Think of England is one of the most promising new acts around.  Head to to grab some downloads and learn more.

Recommended downloads:  Blood Red Moon, Look Down, Never, Dizzy

Terami Hirsch
Blame Alli;  she's been spreading the word like mad.  And for a while Mary has had me intrigued as well.  Terami's precise sound defies description;  it reminds one of Tori Amos in its raw confessions and piano-based tunes.  But it reaches into something original and avoids sounding like a copycat.  It holds its own charms.  Terami's got a haunting voice that just won't leave you alone.  Best of all:  she's a sweet fabulous person who is generous.  Evidence:  she gave out copies of a CD, Stickfigures, for free just for signing up for her mailing list and community.  Yummers.  Head to for more info and while you're at it, look her up at and get downloading!!

Recommended downloads:  Stained, Falling

The Tea Party
The Tea Party is a long established Canadian rock band, but they are far from typical in sound.  What makes the Tea Party a unique and brilliant addition to the Canadian music scene is their blend of modern rock instruments with the music of the East, namely India, dashed with orchestral stylizations.   Their lyrics al;so rise above that which is the norm in their genre, speaking of the mythology of eastern cultures, goddesses, and attacking society's flaws with eloquence and gorgeous word combinations.  Finding their discs in the States is a joke;  however, will fix that.  Hee hee.  Should you like them, they recently released a greatest hits collection entitled Tangents, which contains the best of the best, hands down

Recommended downloads:  A Certain Slant of Light, The Bazaar, Fire in the Head, Psychopomp, Release, Heaven Coming Down, The Messenger, Walking Wounded, Apathy

"Dancing with fire on the edge...."