One of my favourite movies in an indie film from Canada called Ginger Snaps. It's a twisted horror movie that's also rather hilarious. The two main characters, Ginger and Brigette, are sisters who both despise the mainstream teen life. One of their games they play is Search and Destroy, where they target a particularly shitty person and trash them.

This is my version of search and destroy. I'm going to search out and trash anything that's bugging me lately. If you want to play Search and Destroy, you could always sign the guestbook. But don't be too nasty, now. *L* Try and stick away from particular people; stick to types of people.

People who steal information from nice people and use it for their advantage. There is never anything cool about approaching a business owner and promising your questions are for the sake of curiousity, then turning around and actually starting a mimic company, complete with trash talk against the person who helped you get started! So not cool. The person you've stolen from has worked very hard to get to where they are, and to abuse their kindness to circumvent your own hard work is low and lame. And it makes me not trust your business because you obviously aren't above shoddy practices.

Landlords who are never available even in emergencies. You know, given that someone in your walled off from the rest of the house basement may trip a fuse with the microwave you supplied, and give the fuse box is in your part of the house, you might want to be around sometimes in case of a fuse blowing. Just in case. Oh yeah, and your phone being disconnected = I'm forced to stick notes on your damn door all the time is rather irritating. I've been asking for tax receipts for months now too. But wait you're never home to write them! Now if you'll excuse me my food that went bad during the last outage has to be thrown

The entire job marketWe want experience but gee most of the people with experience already work for us or they're retired or they're dead. Hmmm, but does that stop us from repeatedly asking for 3-5 years of experience from a market full of newly graduated staudents? Nopers.

Ticketmaster Where do you get off asking for ten bucks on top of each miserable ticket you sell, given that you do nothing useful, often screw up orders, and sell so many tickets a day that there's really no need for that high of a charge? Oh wait, that's right. You changed your name to ticketmonster. And because you can, that's why. Because you have no competition, so there's no way to force you lower. Unless more artists go the way of Pearl Jam and sell em from the band themselves.

DVD's and videos you can't bootleg Okay so bootlegging is against the law. But what about the fact that maybe I'm poor and can't afford to buy stuff? It's not like I couldn't just tape the movie off the movie channels for free later. So why protect of all things videos? DVD's I understand because of all the features. It's hilarious to me. Let's face it, the people who will buy the DVD aren't the ones who bootleg and further if they do, it's as a stand by until they get cash for the real thing. So either way you seel just as many, lus maybe more after the bootlegger types become obsessed with the movie and want the real thing for the sake of it being real.

"DOA at the hair dye aisle. Likes her pants stuck up her ass crack"