6.58: Links

Here are some links to pages I like, for zines or otherwise. If you would like a link, give me a shout with your website URL. I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me at iciclespark@yahoo.com.


Stick this banner on your site with a link to me then email me and I'll link you back. Either right click and save image to your drive or right click and copy the URL.

My Other Pages

Raspberry Spark: My Tori Amos page. Lots of links, lyrics and more.

Cracked Porcelain: A fundraiser to benefit the Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centre of Peel (RAINN doesn't serve Canada). Buy poetry help a good cause!! Go buy my book!.

The Official Toronto Ears With Feet page: This is the page where I and the other Toronto-area Tori Amos fans and frequenters of the Dent plan get-togethers to hang out and party! Come join the fun.

Secrets Swollen So Sore: A Self-Injury Self-Help and Informational Manual: I designed this as part of my course studies, and intend to one day expand, revise and publish it. Please, become informed on this disorder that affects millions in North America alone.


Satan's Panties: My friend Allibean's site for her awesome zine. Check it out now or suffer greatly puny mortal.

Other Sites that Kick Ass

The Dent: The most complete and amazing Tori Amos site ever created. If you need to know anything Tori, it's either here or linked here. But still visit my site. Mikewhy likes my site so there.

AtForumz: My fave place to chat online. Numerous discussion boards.

Finger Eleven Official Page: Do yourself a favour if you like rock/alternative/hard rock -- go check out these amazing Canadian boys. *ahem* NOW!