Everybody loves a good movie.  I am no exception.  Here are a few movies that are worth renting, in a sea full of crap available with microwave popcorn and pop as a combo.

SCOOBY-DOO  *still in theatres*
Based on the very popular cartoon, Scooby-Doo brings the characters to life in a modern day adventure.  The cast includes Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne *yum*, Freddie Prinze Jr. as Fred, Matthew Lillard *ack!  It's Stu!* as Shaggy, and Linda Cardinelli as Velma.  Scooby is a mix of CGI and other technologies made to give him as real an appearance as possible.

The movie's plot centres around a case at Sppoky Island, a theme park resort run by Rowan Atkinson's kooky character with the name I cannot spell to save my life right now.  Rowan Atkinson, by the way, is known largely for the voice of Zazu in Disnye's Lion King and as the British idiot Mr. Bean.  Apparently, students arrive at the island acting like typical, bratty teenagers, and leave mild in appearance but volatile if provoked.  What happens next is a crazy adventure showing us Fred's preference in women, Shaggy's undying love for his best pal Scooby, Velma's sexier side of Sears, and Daphne's ability to be more than a damsel in distress.  In terms of who nails their characters best, it's a toss up between Velma and Shaggy for their uncanny voices and awesome looks. 

Now, I am warning you.  This movie is aimed to be suitable for kids *an earlier version cut out a kiss between Daphne and Velma for this reason*.  Therefore, NO it is not brilliant, Oscar-like thought-provoking material.  But it's funny and cute and a good laugh at the matinee.  So go!  NOW!!!!!


This movie was largely overlooked by audiences but critically enjoyed, and proves Kirsten Dunst capable of being more than "sexy and cute and popular to boot!".  Kirsten plays Nicole, the daughter of a congressman who has little time for his depressed, drug-abusing and wild daughter, and instead devotes his concern to his new wife and baby girl.  Jay Hernandez is Carlos, a football playing A student from a run-down Lation neighbourhood who is so determined to make it into the US Naval Academy that he rides 2 hours each way to the posh school Nicole attends.  Sparks of course fly...  Cultures clash....  The lovers are berated on all sides and torn apart.  But along the way, Nicole and Carlos discover that crazy is sometimes beautiful. 

For those with Kirsten crushes, you get some NICE shots of her in panties and cute midriff baring tops.  Mrrrowr!


A Canadian indie film, Ginger Snaps stars the uber hot Katharine Isabelle (the hot slutty girl in Insomnia) as Ginger, with Emily Perkins as her sister Brigette.  The sisters are both obsessed with death, having swornn at age 8 "Out by sixteen or dead in this scene, together forever".  Brigitte is a brain, having skipped a grade to be in the same classes as Ginger.  The town they live in is being stalked by a mysterious "Beast" that's been slaughtering doggies all over.  While out on a stroll to snatch a snobby girl's dog and make it look like it was eaten, Ginger is actually attacked by the Beast.  Following the attacks, Brigette and Ginger watch as she begins to change into something horrifying.... something a lot like a werewolf.

But what makes this film more than just a horror film is the deoth of the character examination of the two sisters, the biting sarcasm and mockery of growing up, and the lengths to which a strong bond can be pushed.  This movie just flat out rocks.


More Matthew Lillard.... hee hee.  13 Ghosts comes to you from the same folk that recently re-made William Castle's film House on Haunted Hill.  They've taken on another Bill Castle flick here, which stars Matthew, Shannon Elizabeth, and Embeth Davidtz  (The Hole, Matilda).  The plot centres around a family being left a literal glass house by the father's recently departed uncle.  This seems too good to be true, given that a fire recently destroyed all their belongings and killed the children's mother as well.  But the house is not a house.  It's a machine, powered by ghosts captured within its walls, to open the eye of hell.  And the Criticos family, with Matthew Lillard as a friend of the deceased uncle and ghost hunter, have been locked inside.  The ghosts?  They're coming out to play.....

Awesome special effects, cool death scenes, and a fun story make this movie one of the most underrated in recent times.  If you like a good horror flick, go rent this one.


"Did the lawyer split?..."